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Sustainable refurbishment of a beachside apartment


Sustainability was high on the priority list when a family of five planned a major refurbishment of their Dorset seaside apartment.


The owners commissioned Lantern as consultants for the project to help guide them through the refit with sustainability in mind.

The three–bed, 1970’s apartment was generating huge energy bills despite only occasional use by the family. The couple tasked Lantern with assessing the apartment to identify other areas where sustainable materials and technologies could be introduced to save energy and create a more comfortable and healthy environment.


The Lantern team visited the apartment and produced a Sustainability Checklist which offered the owners a three-tier approach to integrate sustainability; it included a raft of measures to consider while refurbishing their own property, recommendations for the apartment block as a whole – such as installing cavity wall insulation, plus ‘sustainable living’ tips for the family’s future at their apartment such as installing water butts, composting vegetable and fruit waste and keeping bicycles for local journeys.


Amy from Lantern said: “It can be a challenge to retrofit buildings to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions, and improve thermal comfort, but this apartment was a great example of how, by considering these issues from the outset, sustainability measures can be incorporated into a project without increasing project costs.”


The client added: “The Lantern checklist has helped us work with our builder and suppliers to make more sustainable choices for the build. With so many details to consider on a large project it’s been an invaluable reference point to help us make informed and timely decisions on materials and technology which will improve the apartment’s performance and create a more eco-friendly, comfortable and healthy space.” 


Smart energy meters have been installed at the flat so the family will be able to monitor their energy consumption and control their heating system remotely. 

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