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Our services

We work across multiple sustainability disciplines to develop programmes to meet our clients' unique needs. The services listed below are just a taster of what we can do.
Social and environmental responsibility -  helping you understand and shape your responses to future business challenges
  • Assessing the impact of your existing operations

  • Working with you to devise innovative approaches to your challenges

  • Developing strategies and action plans to reduce and limit your environmental impact

  • Implementing planned sustainability programmes

  • Communicating your successes

To see examples of our work in this area have a look at our work with Tate,  Momart and L’Oréal. 

Sustainability in the built environment - integrate sustainbility into your project
  • Strategies and action plans for building and office refurbishment projects

  • Behaviour change programmes for occupants

  • Integration of sustainability into new build projects

  • Strategies for multi-property portfolios

  • Resource efficiency and circular economy initiatives


To see examples of our work in this area have a look at our work with Lendlease,  plus our major London landlord and seaside apartment projects. For details of one of our programmes for developers take a look at our development site tree re-use service.

Low carbon energy solutions and energy efficiency - gain better control over the energy you use 


  • Developing energy strategies

  • Site feasibility studies for all renewable technologies

  • Energy audits and action plans

  • Energy efficiency advice and guidance

  • Implementing behaviour change programmes

  • Low carbon energy solutions


To see examples of our work in this area, visit our Estuary Housing project, Lee Valley Regional Park and Wiltshire estate projects. 

Recycled Cardboard
Environmental compliance and reporting
  • Production of compliance report for internal and external audiences

  • Implementation suppor

  • Data collection processes reviewed 

  • Review of environmental compliance

  • Calculation of carbon footprint (scope 1 and 2 as minimum)   

  • Senior management and team briefing and planning workshops

  • Action planning for environmental compliance 

  • Templates for streamlining data collection 


To see examples of our work in this area, visit our MCF and RMBI case study. 

Tree re-use on development sites - unlocking the potential of onsite resources, responsibly and creatively
  • Assessing onsite tree resources - species and volumes

  • Identifying best re-use solutions

  • Processing the wood

  • Telling the re-use story

  • Developing a strategy across other sites and policies to support further action

 For more details of this specialised programme please follow this link

Sustainable supply chains  - comply with latest regulations and explore new supply opportunities
  • Market analysis to assess and develop your local supply opportunities

  • Expertise in timber markets, supply chain development and chain of custody 

  • Woodfuel supply chain development 


To see examples of our work in this area, visit our B&Q and Bromley case studies. If you would like to know more about how we can help, see our  sustainable timber offering.

Research, policy development and guidance –  our expertise and support where you need it
  • Research and analysis to inform and evolve your sustainability policy making

  • Writing stakeholder/public guidance and creating support materials for renewable energy initiatives


To see examples of our work in this area, visit our Department for Energy Security & Net Zero (DESNZ), and Forestry Commission and the Greater London Authority (GLA) projects. 

Education programme - linking environmental improvement to learning goals
  • Specialist schools programme designed to link environmental improvements to exciting learning opportunities for the whole school community. Follow this link for full details 

To see an example of our work in this area visit our Lady Margaret Primary School project.

We would love to talk to you about your project. Call the Lantern team on: 07815 832 243 or email to find out how we can help.

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