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Helping a London borough assess its woodland resource

Woodlands owned by The London Borough of Bromley deliver a valuable range of benefits to the community, but the borough’s woodland team wanted to understand if there was potential for the woodland to generate income.


Lantern came on board to help the Bromley team, first gaining an understanding of their management objectives to ensure that recommendations were tailored to meet those goals.


Key objectives were to explore the possibility for revenue generation from wood products to fund woodland management activity and to manage the woods sustainably while protecting community use.


Following an assessment of the woodland, Lantern quantified the amount of timber available, prioritized sites for harvesting, calculated timber extraction costs and identified potential markets. Lantern assessed local and regional demand for woodland products; engaging with wood users throughout the supply chain from woodfuel suppliers, to sawmills and end users of wood such as restaurants and pubs.


Following this market analysis, our team provided a number of different wood supply scenarios for Bromley, highlighting a range of scale of production and markets.


Lantern’s recommended next steps will help the Bromley team move forward with their plans.


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