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Inspiring L’Oréal’s Green team 


Lantern was invited to join L’Oréal’s Green Team away day to provide bespoke training and facilitation and to help drive their sustainability agenda for 2019. Twenty members of the L’Oréal Consumer Product Division (CPD) Green Team gathered to discuss current initiatives, hear about sustainability trends and create a sustainability plan for L’Oréal UK.


The morning session was designed to inspire the team and broaden their understanding of sustainability.  Discussions included how to raise the profile of sustainability work being done at L’Oréal in the UK and ensure it aligns with L’Oréal's global vision and sustainability commitment; Sharing Beauty for All.  Successes have already been achieved in relation to product packaging and display stands - removing unnecessary packaging or replacing it with materials that are widely recyclable. 


Lantern's recommendations included producing a clear and concise communication strategy to include details of reductions achieved, as well as a review of the UK operation's carbon footprint. Associated targets for reductions and aspirations for achieving local sustainability were also highlighted for inclusion.


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