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Creating a sustainability strategy

2019 - ongoing

Ensuring environmental compliance was a top priority when the Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution (RMBI Care Co.) asked Lantern to review the 17 care homes in its portfolio.

RMBI is part of the part of the Masonic Charitable Foundation (MCF) and owns and runs care homes in the U.K. for Freemasons and their families. 

The RMBI wanted to ensure their care homes and associated operations are run in a compliant manner and meet all legal requirements relating to sustainability. The RMBI senior management team also understood the increasing importance of running a sustainable business for their staff and people in their care. 

Lantern initially developed and carried out a ‘heath-check’ across all 17 properties. The health check was in the form of a bespoke self-assessment questionnaire. It identified potential major issues of non-compliance, best practice and any processes in place across 10 themes: energy, waste, water, food, transport, materials, health & wellbeing, food, biodiversity and communication, education & training. It also included energy data which was analysed, with each care home benchmarked against the others, as well as national energy benchmarks. This gave an insight into how the properties were run and highlighted any areas of high energy use. 

Following data analysis, Lantern visited and fully audited three pilot care homes and created action plans to support staff at each property. A senior management sustainability workshop - facilitated and run by Lantern to identify key priorities and objectives - secured the commitment of senior staff to the sustainability agenda and has enabled them to support it in the wider business.

Lantern’s initial engagement with RMBI to provide care home ‘health checks’ has grown into a trusted sustainability partnership. Lantern is currently working with the RMBI senior management team to go beyond compliance and build a sustainability strategy, create awareness throughout the organisation and their parent company, Masonic Charitable Foundation, and to embed sustainability as part of their operations going forward. 

"Lantern’s thorough audits and research, professional facilitation of workshops, clear reports and action plans are enabling us to improve the accuracy of our energy and carbon monitoring and reporting, allowing us to take effective steps to reduce the operational impact of our care homes." 

Marc Nelson Smith, Property Director 

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