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Embedding sustainability into operations - MOMART


Established in 1972, Momart is a world leading fine art logistics, storage and installation specialist. Trusted by renowned institutions around the world to handle invaluable artworks and objects, Momart is committed to reducing its operational carbon footprint and approached Lantern seeking help with embedding sustainability commitments and actions across the organisation, formalising these activities with an updated Sustainability Statement and a new Sustainability Strategy.

Momart already had an active sustainability working group and has been improving awareness of environmental issues amongst employees, senior managers and external stakeholders, including customers and suppliers. Lantern has built on this early work and in collaboration with the sustainability working group undertaken the following activities:

  • Baselining the environmental performance of current operations 

  • Evaluating best practice and benchmarks in the sector

  • Site assessments coving energy, waste and water

  • Calculation of carbon footprint

  • Gap analysis of baseline to good practice

In preparing the Sustainability Strategy, Lantern facilitated workshops with a cross functional team to discuss current environmental performance and the scope and challenge of new actions to meet sustainability objectives. Taking input from across Momart, Lantern drafted a new Sustainability Strategy and updated the existing Sustainability Statement.

Following adoption of the Strategy, Lantern is working with Momart to take the next steps in implementation, management and monitoring of interventions across energy, water and waste internally and throughout its supply chain.

“We are excited to be working with Lantern to move our sustainability strategy forward, building on all the sustainability initiatives our teams currently integrate into Momart’s operations.”

Alison Jordan, Managing Director, Momart.

Images courtesy of Momart 

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