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Sustainable schools 

The Lantern team works with a range of public and private sector academic establishments from primary and secondary schools, to sixth forms, colleges and universities. Our aim is to help you understand your sustainability challenges and work with you to plan and implement the best solutions and effectively communicate your successes. 

How we can help

At Lantern we take a collaborative and interactive approach on our projects, actively engaging with staff and students. Our clients find that this complements teaching and learning objectives whilst working towards environmental goals. 

Ecological and carbon footprinting - we measure your impacts using tried and tested industry tools.

Resource efficiency and sustainability audits - we identify the materials, goods and resources you use, your associated costs and potential savings.

Staff and student national curriculum based workshops - we develop bespoke workshop sessions around sustainability, incorporating practical activities to meet learning objectives. 

Environmental action plans - our action plans help you make small steps that lead to big changes as you begin to understand and manage your environmental impacts

Communicating sustainability - we develop engaging communications to help you explain your plans and activities to stakeholders - parents, students, media, local and academic communities. 

Energy management - we analyse how you procure and use energy to identify financial and carbon savings and help you implement them. 

Renewable energy projects - we undertake feasibility studies and project manage the implementation of suitable renewable energy solutions, including coordinating planning applications, procurement and contractors.

If you would like to discuss how we can help your school, please contact us at or call us on 07815 832 243.



Download a copy of our school offer here:  

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