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Tree re-use at development sites

Meeting the challenge


Mature trees are a common feature of many proposed development sites. Protecting and retaining them is commonly accepted as a priority. But when trees do need to be removed, the associated logistics and community sensitivity can pose significant challenges.

We take a fresh approach. Our experienced team works closely with clients to unlock the potential of the timber on site, identifying and implementing re-use opportunities for the material.

Our offer

Working collaboratively with your team and engaging with local communities as required, we will create and deliver tree re-use programmes that meet your corporate objectives, planning and sustainability goals. Dealing with the wood as a valued resource rather than a problematic waste, we deliver a range of benefits to your business and the communities that you work within. 

To find out how we can help you contact Amy on 07815 832 243 or email us


Download a copy of our tree re-use leaflet here. 

Case study: Lendlease - Elephant Park tree re-use

Onsite trees marked for felling

Measuring and tagging the wood

Transporting the wood off site

Milling the wood -  London Plane lacewood fresh off the saw

Milling the wood 

The wood is planked and air dried

Furniture from the timber

Furniture from the timber

Wood offcuts used for a community activity trail

Lendlease worked with Lantern and Timber Strategies on a ground-breaking project to re-purpose trees removed during the regeneration of Elephant & Castle in central London.

Tree removal on the site highlighted challenges faced by many developers:

  • How could the wood be retained within the local community?


  • What could the wood be used for and how?


  • In what way would tree re-use integrate with waste and sustainability strategies?


A creative tree re-use scheme was designed and implemented as part of the overall green infrastructure plan.

The project saw the felled trees milled, transformed and reinstated on site as indoor and outdoor furniture within public areas of the development.

Local community organisations were gifted packages of wood unsuitable for milling, to use in their activities. These included building steps, terracing, benches and seats, installing clamber logs and an activity trail, and delivering a spoon carving course. 

Rebeka Clark, site manager at Stave Hill ecology park commented:

"The acquisition of the logs made a significant difference to the project - thank you. The larger logs in particular have made great features, and really made the project stand out." 

By demonstrating responsible use of their onsite resources, Lendlease have been able to tell the positive story of the trees' journey back to the site and local area. They have averted wood waste, and created unique items of furniture to enhance the Elephant Park site. 

"The Lantern team were great to work with. They responded to the project brief with sensitivity and a creative and well thought out plan. Delivery of the scheme was excellent; the project ran smoothly, on time and within budget despite considerable logistical challenges. Lantern’s careful management of this tree re-use project has enabled Lendlease to demonstrate a real commitment to re-purposing trees impacted by development and communicate a positive message to stakeholders.

We are looking forward to working with Lantern again."

Lendlease, Elephant Park, London


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